How The Software Stores Data in Your Computer

Whenever you start the software it will create a extra file (database file ending with the name "data") if it is not already present as below screenshot and it will store it in the folder of your application.

Now if you have created projects and stored in the database and you happened to delete it, then all your project data will go away in cased you did not take back-up of this file. The biggest advantage of storing data in your own computer is that the data is private unlike web app where your data is hosted in a shared server.


Not all of our software tools need you to create campaign or allow to create campaign but this file should not be deleted without any reason. But in case you do ending up deleting it accidentally, the software will create a new instance of the file again when it restarts the next time.

It is important not to install the software where admin access is needed( like C:\Programfiles) because otherwise the software will not be allowed to create this database file and since it is needed for a lot of tasks performed within the software, it will lead to malfunctioning of the software. So, always install software in the default my documents folder( which we have provided in the installer) or in the dekstop where you don't need admin access and make sure this file is present.