How To Allow Software Through Windows FireWall 

After you have followed the pre-installation and installation steps, you can follow the post-installation step to allow the installed software through windows firewall. And this way in the future you can enable the firewall back and this way the software will not be blocked by the firewall in the future

1. Search For Windows Firewall in Search Bar

- Choose the following "Windows Defender Firewall" from the control panel

2. Click Advanced Settings

- Choose the advanced settings option

3. Check if FireWall is off

- Since we had already switched it OFF earlier it will be Off. Otherwise click the "Windows Defender Firewall Properties" from the below screenshot.

4. Click The Windows Defender Firewall Properties

- Only select it if the domain profile, private profile and public profile are not already off.

4. Select Inbound Rules

- Select Inbound rules if the domain profile, private and public profile is already Off

5. Select New Rule

- Create A New Rule

6. Select Program in the Rule Type

- Choose Program & then click "Next"

7. Select Path of The Software

- Click Browse to Select the Program Path & then click "Next"

8. Click Allow Connection

9. Choose All The 3 Options For When Does This Rule Apply

- Choose all the options where it shows "when does this rule apply"

10. Choose Name And Optional Description

- Choose A Name and Optional Description

11. Check The Inbound Rules List

- Now you will see the name of the software in the inbound rules list if you followed all the previous steps properly