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  • ACCURATE  keyword research using auto-suggest
  • Keyword research in MULTIPLE COUNTRIES
  • BRAINSTORM both short tail & long tail keywords.
  • FILTER  keywords & find the WORD FREQUENCIES

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Brainstorm Unlimited Keywords

You can brainstorm as many keywords as you want using the amazon auto-suggest feature and the various methods to append the alphabet to the software before and after your seed keywords.

Multiple Countries

You are not just restricted to U.S. You can also perform the keyword research in other countries such as Canada, France, Germany & UK.

Multiple marketplaces

The pro version allows to do the keyword research not just in the kindle marketplace but also the  keyword research in the books marketplace.

Filter The Keyword Results

You can filter the results based on the word & character count and separately export the short tail or long tail keywords depending upon what you want.

Instant puzzle generator helps you create puzzle books in 4 simple steps.

Include & Exclude Keywords

You can refine your search results further to show which keywords you want to include and which keywords you don't want to include in the results.

Word Frequency Export

Get a complete breakdown of all the keywords & the number of times that they are occurring. This way you can see which keywords are occurring the highest & which are occurring the least.

Create Stunning Word Clouds

Don't just stop at finding the highest word occurrences. Go one step further & create word cloud using the word frequency data.

Export The Results

You can export the keywords using various options ( match options, case options, options on how to display the results like one per line or comma separated).

Lite Version


  • Append alphabets a-z, aa-zz, a a-z z before or after the seed keywords
  • Wild card search
  • Research multiple keywords at the same time
  • Keyword research in over 5 countries
  • Keyword research in the kindle marketplace
  • Filter the results based on word & character count
  • Include / Exclude Keywords from the results.
  • Find out the keywords that are occurring the most.
  • Create stunning word clouds using the most occurring keywords
  • Multiple options to export the keywords.
  • Get a full 30-Day money back guarantee!
  • Step by step training
  • Install on 1 computer you own
  • Personal use license


 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Pro Version


Everything in Lite, plus : 

  • Keyword research in the books marketplace
  • Install on 3 computers you own
  • Personal use license


 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Let KeyZon help you research keywords for 30 days risk-free

Your purchase is protected by a "no nonsense" guarantee.

If you decide to get KeyZon Pro or Lite today you'll have 30 days to put it to use and do better and faster research for your books.

In the unlikely event it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll just refund your full purchase amount - no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Chrome Extension?

No. This is a desktop windows based application that needs to be installed in your computer. You can see video walk through of how to install & run the software in the knowledge base.

Will You Help To Install The Software?

We have given a complete walk through of the workflow of how to access your purchase, install & activate the license in the help section. You can watch those videos & follow it step-by-step.

Even after following those steps you face problem in starting the software you can reach out to our customer support any time at

Will KeyZon Work On A Mac?

The software will work on windows only. However; if you wish to use on mac we have provided both a free and paid solution which you can see in the help section.

Is Software Video Training Included?

After you make the purchase and follow the steps on how to access your purchase from the help section, you will be automatically enrolled in the course training from a secured login in the site.

Will I Get Updates For Free?

The software gets all data from amazon. If there are any updates from amazon due to which the software malfunctions and is not harvesting the results then the software will be updated .

Those updates will be pushed to your installed software for free automatically without having to re-install the software.

Check in the help section on how updates work.

Not just updates but also upgrades are included. So, when more countries are added to the software you will get those upgrades also for free.

Is My Extracted Data Safe?

Unlike web app we are not using any external database. All of your data is saved in your own computer and that is the biggest advantage of a desktop app.

How Many Computers Can I Install On?

You have two license options to select from. With the lite license option you can install the software on 1 computer that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

With the Pro license option you can install the software on 3 computers that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

Which Windows Versions Are Supported?

The keyzon pro & lite software will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.
XP ,7 & 8 will need the latest .net framework as well as the microsoft redistributable framework to be installed unlike Windows 10 & 11 which have these pre-installed natively by microsoft.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

I Still Have Questions Before Making The Purchase?

Contact us at help section with any pre-sales question. You will surely get a reply.