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How Software Stops False Restart
Install Latest .Net Frame Work If you are using Windows 10 or 11 they come with pre-installed .net framework, so[...]
How Software Checks For User Input
 How Software Checks User Input​The software performs a user input check to see if you have chosen all your settings[...]
How The New Browser Gets Installed
 How To Install A New BrowserWhen software needs to install a new browser in your computer it will auto-install without[...]
How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time
 How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time Sometimes you need to perform simultaneously multiple sets of operations at[...]
How To Stop A Program
 How To Stop The Program  Sometimes​ you may want to stop the operation in the middle of the program running[...]
How Pagination Works
 How Pagination Works By default the software will show 50 results on the first page. You can use the forward[...]