Pre-Installation Introduction and Steps For Demo Software

This video series will show the pre- installation steps for the Wordd Cloudz software.
However All software tools from Mad Hat Marketing follows similar installation, licensing & troubleshooting Steps.

1. System Requirements

Our software tools are programmed to work natively in:
 - Windows 7 & up versions
 - Windows Emulator / VPS also knows as a virtual private server such as AWS or any cheap private  windows VPS service     -  Virtual machine such as virtual box.

2. System Requirements 

To be able to run the software successfully you also require the latest .net framework and microsoft redistributable framework

3. To Install in Mac

This software cannot run directly on mac without using mac parallels such a winebottler (which allows to run windows based programs on a Mac). But if you are looking for cheaper alternatives for a MAC then you may want to see the video of how to install virtual box for free or see the video of how to get a cheap windows VPS to install the software.

4. Pre-Installation Steps

Before you install the software and enter your license keys you must follow these pre-installation steps which we have added as a series of individual videos which are: -

  1. 1
     Disable Anti-Virus System & Windows Firewall
  2. 2
     Install Latest .Net FrameWork
  3. 3
     Install Microsoft Redistributable FrameWork

Video WalkThrough