How To Run the Software In A Cheap Windows VPS

 How To Run the Software In A Cheap Windows VPS   You can choose to run the software in A Reliable Windows VPS service that runs 24/7 365 days a year having atleast 2 Gigs of RAM, an example service configuration provided below at $10-20 (the prices by these companies are subjected to change) a […]

How Pagination Works

 How Pagination Works By default the software will show 50 results on the first page. You can use the forward and back buttons to go either to the next page of results or the last and the first page results.Example The results above are having 74 results and that’s why the software is showing pages […]

How To Stop A Program

 How To Stop The Program   Sometimes you may want to stop the operation in the middle of the program running for whatever maybe the reason; that’s why we have provided the stop button as seen in the screenshot below.  Once you click the “Stop Button” give the software a minute or two to stop […]

How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time

 How The Software Performs Multiple Tasks At Same Time Sometimes you need to perform simultaneously multiple sets of operations at the same time. For example instead of searching one keyword at a time you may want to perform keyword research for 3 keywords at the same time. So this concept is called as multi-threading. In […]

How The Software Stores Data in Your Computer

 How The Software Stores Data in Your Computer Whenever you start the software it will create a extra file (database file ending with the name “data”) if it is not already present as below screenshot and it will store it in the folder of your application. Now if you have created projects and stored in […]

How The New Browser Gets Installed

 How To Install A New Browser When software needs to install a new browser in your computer it will auto-install without you needing to do anything- First time installing the new browser it will take about 3 minutes (assuming you have a 100mbps/minute internet connection speed) because it needs to download around 300mbps in total.- […]

How Software Checks For User Input

 How Software Checks User Input The software performs a user input check to see if you have chosen all your settings before starting a new operation. This is once again critical because if the software does not check all your inputs, the data obtained in the output could be false or otherwise it may not […]

How Software Stops False Restart

 How Software Stops False Restart If you press the “Start” button many times it may lead to malfunctioning of the software. In order to prevent this from happening and even in the case of you accidentally pressing the “Start” button many times the software will show a error pop-up message as below.       […]