Finally — An easy way to find relevant and perfect YouTube Ads placements faster

Starting today you can start showing your ads on monetization enabled relevant YouTube videos by extracting them using YouTube API

Don't Lose Your Shirt…While Finding Placements 

For YouTube Ads

If you're are running skippable in-stream YouTube AD campaigns then one of your routine tasks is to look for videos that are relevant to your niche and allow monetization.

After somehow painstakingly sifting through a large list of  YouTube videos, you are now FINALLY ready to start running your ADS on them.

And Now things start to get complicated and either of the two things happen to you:

Inspite of having high views many of the videos are not giving you any impressions... or just one single video sucks or cannibalizes away your entire ad budget.

Now You are Angry and beating yourself up.   

You try to make up for the lost money by increasing the NUMBER of placement targets.

GUESS WHAT??  Instead of doubling your money, you even end up losing your principal investment.

..And not to forget the  amount of time lost in finding NEW video placements.

Frustrated, you want to pull your hair and give up?

Does this all sound familiar?

  Then... You Are Not Alone! I Faced This Same Problem!

This used to happen to me frequently... running placement ads was becoming a huge pain day after day.

Instead of  raking in a lot of money I was constantly  loosing money.

I couldn't understand as to why in-spite of having a descent AD budget and a high bid… many of the videos with high views were not getting  any impressions...

...And the videos on which I was getting impressions and views were not converting at all!

Whenever I was about to exhaust my AD budget, I will try to make up for the lost money by increasing my budget or bid or placements — in the hope of making more than what I had lost.

But every single time the STRATEGY BACKFIRED!

To tell the long story short  I was making google richer and was close to losing my shirt!!!

Stop Making Google Richer!

 Look, the game of PPC marketing is simple, you put in 1$ and you get 2 x times back.

And if you can get to that point, you would run ads nonstop and build your business and turn it into an empire.

And if you can get to that point, you would run ads nonstop and build your business and turn it into an empire.

But if we keep making the same mistakes, instead of doubling the money we even end up losing what we have invested...

...Because  while trying to recoup the lost money we invest more than what we have without changing our strategy!

Like a vicious cycle it can lead to disastrous results if there is no control!

I was trying to look for ways to STOP making Google Richer and also not loose my shirt with YouTube ADS !

Finally... I did manage to find a solution 

What If You Could...

  • Place your ads only on those videos that is relevant to your target market.
  • Potentially advertise your service to your audience with less stress , money and time?
  • Stop hiring people to find you the perfect video placements?
  • Say goodbye to those painful days of trying to find manually which videos allow monetization and which ones don't?
  • Experience what it’s like to free up time and resources to dedicate to other parts of your business?

If You Want To Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level — Then Look No Further !

"Tube Tron" is the ultimate tool you need to unleash your video on hundreds of placement targets.

Get an instant edge over your competition who are busy advertising on other platforms paying a fortune.

Money that keeps rolling in… and can grow with every new set of video urls you harvest using Tube Tron.

That's why we have created this tool for our own business to be able to spend more time on things that matter the most.

And the good News is.. STARTING today you can also take advantage  with our Never Before Seen Special Offer!


 Tube Tron ( ADS Explorer )

Find The Best Placements

Extract highly relevant list of Video URLs to advertise on faster than you ever thought possible using your own custom YouTube API... without manually pulling links or sifting through thousands of videos!

  • Keywords

You can harvest keywords to use keyword targeting to run discover and in-stream ADS

  • Videos

You can harvest videos to use placement targeting to run skippable and non-skippable instream ADS.

  • Channels

You can target channels directly or find videos from channels that allow monetization to advertise ON

Tube Tron is for you if you are...

a pay per call marketer

Pay Per Call Marketers

Pay per call marketers who are running calls can run video ads on the top of videos related to their vertical instead of running the traditional call-only-ads. Thus they can get more cheaper calls using video ads in many verticals such as auto insurance, credit repair, student debt consolidation.

Local Marketing Agency

If you are an agency managing the channels of your clients, you can definitely benefit using Tube Tron. People are doing a lot of searches to get educated to solve their problems in YouTube. Imagine if you could advertise your client's products or service when someone is watching a video that offers a solution to their problem.

E-commerce Marketers

Imagine if you sell toys on your shopify store. Imagine if you could advertise on top of YouTube videos right when someone is searching for "birthday gift ideas for boys." You can thus get creative using Tube Tron & get more sales for your eCommerce products.

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers can benefit immensely with Tube Tron. All affiliate marketers are focusing on Facebook and Instagram and everything is getting crowded over there. If you do not use Tube tron to get more traffic from YouTube using videos, you will get left behind once competition starts increasing in YouTube.

CPA Marketers

CPA marketers can benefit hugely using Tube Tron because you're advertising to people who are actively looking for a solution to a problem. You no longer have to figure out who would want to buy your product and place your CPA offers in the exact moment they are searching for what you have to offer.

Anyone Who Needs Traffic

Whatever it is you do online, you need traffic. By dialing in more eyeballs to your website you can make more money. Video will represent 82% of all traffic online in 2023. YouTube is only selling 30% of their advertising space. This is why you need to CAPITALIZE on YouTube right now using Tube Tron.

If you're ready to..

  • Find the best video placements and keep tabs on competitor channel
  • Stop wasting hours of time manually searching for monetized videos
  • Instantly reach the audiences of thousands of highly relevant videos
  • Tap into the massive audience of the 2nd largest search engine
  • Stop second-guessing yourself and feel confident

...then Also Tube Tron Is For You!

Become a YouTube Ads Superstar

Harvest Videos That Allow Monetization To Advertise On

TubeTron's powerful video search is designed in such a way that you can not only enter a single keyword to find monetized videos but also enter multiple keywords at the same time to find highly relevant monetized videos.
Plus, you can also use a video URL to search for related videos and you can also extract videos from a channel that allow monetization. Plus, you can use the "Most Popular" search mode to uncover popular videos.
And to top it all you also get advanced search and filtering options that helps to give useful video insights as to how many times a video is occurring in the results or the list of top 5 channels from your results.

Find Powerful Influencers In Any Niche and Advertise Across Whole Channel

The influencer search function enables you to search for the top influencer of your chosen niche. Simply enter a keyword to uncover hundreds of relevant influencers in one click. You then have 2 options: either to then choose to extract monetized videos from specific channels in your search results or use the list of channel URLs to advertise across entire channels.

Extract Data Using Your YouTube API

Quickly connect your YouTube API and in this way you can be in control of your search. YouTube API gives the most relevant data as it is the main source. Even if you run out of your daily quota you can add additional projects and extract more data. Connecting the API is very easy : Once you add your API key from the google cloud console Tube Tron will first verify if your API key is correct before you can extract data.

Generate Long tail keywords Using Both Google and YouTube Auto-Suggest

Use the powerful Google and YouTube auto-suggest feature of tube tron to extract keyword data from both google and YouTube. These are the same exact keywords being typed into Google and YouTube when a searcher is performing a search for a query.
Append alphabets, numbers and even use the wild card feature to generate a large number of keywords for different countries. Use these keywords to search further for monetized videos or target these keywords directly in your video ad campaigns.


Extract Video Information For Any Video

Find the video information for any video. Simply enter the Video ID and find the title, tag, thumbnail, description and other key video metrics for any video. Plus , you will be also able to see whether the video allows for "Monetization" or not.

With Tube Tron You Can...

Time Saver

Stop wasting hours of time manually searching for monetized videos

Boost Your ROI

Precision targeting means higher conversions, lower costs and maximum ROI

Reach More Customers

Tap into the massive audience of the 2nd largest search engine

. . . and see the results for yourself!

No Faster Way To Find Placements

Powerful Keyword Tool

Quickly extract auto-suggest keywords from both Google and YouTube from over 84 countries. Wildcard search is available for Google.

View Video Information

Find the title, tag, thumbnail, description and other key video metrics for any video. You will be also able to check whether the video allows for "Monetization" or not.

Custom YouTube API

Connect your YouTube API to the app and extract all the relevant placements from YouTube directly.

Powerful Video Search

Extract video URLs of highly relevant and popular monetized videos using multiple search modes. 

Advanced Search Options

 Refine your search using advanced search options such as search priority, video duration, language, publish date, etc

Most Occurring Videos

Find out which videos are occurring the most times in your search and perhaps consider advertising on them if relevant.

Powerful Channel Search

Discover the top channels in any niche. Extract monetized videos from channels or advertise across entire channels

Most Popular Videos Search

Find top videos by category from different countries that are getting large numbers of views.

Manage Campaigns

Manage all of your campaigns from your dashboard. At a glance get a quick overview of your latest keywords, videos & channels.

Watch, Tube Tron In Action

In The Video Below...

Get Started Today

Tube Tron ADS Explorer





               Single Keyword Search

          50 Video Results Per Keyword

               Connect YouTube API

    Unlimited Keyword Search

               Unlimited Video Search

    Unlimited Channel Search

               50 Influencer Results

50 Most Popular Videos

               Video Information

               1 PC License





     Multiple Keyword Search

                 200 Video Results Per Keyword

Connect YouTube API

         Unlimited Keyword Search

    Unlimited Video Search

         Unlimited Channel Search

 200 Influencer Results

      200 Most Popular Videos

                  Video Information

                  10 PC License

And If You Are Still Sitting On The Fence...

Do business the right way.

By now I am sure that you are convinced as to how Tube Tron can help you automate the process of finding placements for your YouTube ads. My demo has barely managed to scratch the surface of the various options in Tube Tron and you can get very creative with your targeting using a tool like this. 

There’s no ad targeting more effective than placement targeting. Get more for your money with Tube Tron! However if you are still thinking , "I am better off finding the placements manually"  then it is time you ask yourself —  "Is this the correct way to the business to get the kind of results I am looking for?"  

Save time.

 "Time is money", I am sure you have heard the phrase many times..Look , your time is better spent on the most important parts of the video marketing business — running more campaigns, making sure to optimize them to decrease your customer acquisition cost, focusing on increasing your ROI.

Buy Risk Free.

But if you are still sitting on the fence wondering if Tube Tron is right for your business or not, we are throwing in a cool bonus course for a limited amount of time that will show how to get up and running started quickly with YouTube ADS. If you are a total beginner to YouTube ADS this course will be very helpful. And to SWEETEN the deal further your purchase will also be protected by our 30 days No-Questions asked money back guarantee.

Try Tube Tron Risk Free

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

And If You Are Still Sitting On The Fence!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Chrome Extension?

No. This is a desktop windows based application that needs to be installed in your computer. You can see video walk through of how to install & run the software in the knowledge base.

What Are The Limitations In The Searches?

With the Pro Version there are no limitations. The limitation of "200" videos maximum that can be scraped is from the "YouTube API" itself. So that limitation is decided by YouTube API.

In all the versions "you can perform unlimited searches" but YouTube Data API has a quota limit of 10k searches per day. This is once again a limit decided by YouTube Data API and you can read about the quota limits here .

We do show in the "help section" of connecting the API , a workaround to add additional AP and going beyond the 10k limit.

The keywords module and the video information module do not need the "API" and they are unlimited without any limitations in all the versions.

Will You Help To Install The Software?

We have given a complete walk through of the workflow of how to access your purchase, install & activate the license in the help section. You can watch those videos & follow it step-by-step.

Even after following those steps you face problem in starting the software you can reach out to our customer support any time at

Will TubeTron Work On A Mac?

The software will work on windows only. However; if you wish to use on mac we have provided both a free and paid solution which you can see in the help section.

Is Software Video Training Included?

After you make the purchase and follow the steps on how to access your purchase from the help section, you will be automatically enrolled in the course training from a secured login in the site.

Will I Get Updates For Free?

The software gets all data from YouTube API. If there are any updates from YouTube due to which the software malfunctions and is not harvesting the results then the software will be updated or if there any quota limit changes by YouTube API, that will also be updated for free.

Those updates will be pushed to your installed software for free automatically without having to re-install the software.

Check in the help section on how updates work.

Not just updates but also upgrades are included. So, when any additional feature is added to the software you will get those upgrades also for free.

Is My Extracted Data Safe?

Unlike web app we are not using any external database. All of your data is saved in your own computer and that is the biggest advantage of a desktop app.

How Many Computers Can I Install On?

You have two license options to select from. With the lite license option you can install the software on 1 computer that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

With the Pro license option you can install the software on 3 computers that you own including a Windows or VPS (Virtual Private Server) such as AWS or a VM (Virtual Machine) such as oracle virtual box or for mac using mac parallels.

Which Windows Versions Are Supported?

The catzon pro & lite software will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.
XP ,7 & 8 will need the latest .net framework as well as the microsoft redistributable framework to be installed unlike Windows 10 & 11 which have these pre-installed natively by microsoft.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

I Still Have Questions Before Making The Purchase?

Contact us at help section with any pre-sales question. You will surely get a reply.


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