How to Create Stunning Word Clouds And Analyze Text Freqency Using Wordd Cloudz?

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Do you want a simple & effective way to analyze your text?

As doing such analysis manually is not your cup of tea!

One of the best ways to analyze text is using a "Word Cloud".

Word clouds not only help to show your data visually but also help to find the most occurrences of the words from your data.

Word Clouds provide you with quick and simple visual insights that can lead to more in-depth analyses.

Who benefits using a word cloud?

Whether you are a author, blogger or copywriter there are plenty of use-cases for using a word cloud to analyze your text.

If you are performing keyword research then simply knowing what key phrases are occurring the most can help you to pick the right keywords to use in your marketing.

If you want to optimize your site, then word cloud generator will reveal if you’re giving enough attention to the keywords that matter.

Besides internet marketers, word clouds have uses for other industries as well.

Maybe you receive thousands of customer support tickets and want to know what customers complain about. Using a word cloud, you can immediately spot topics customers are mentioning most often.

If you are a fiction writer then a word cloud can also make sure you are focusing on the right characters, themes, and plot points.

The problem with most free online word cloud generators is that they are not user friendly and many sites disappear over time.


Wordd Cloudz

Uncover the top performing words, phrases or keywords that can help you to analyze your large piece of text data in a matter of few seconds! 

This easy-to-use software lets you create stunning word clouds with possibility to export the word frequency data - in seconds!

This tool is perfect for:

Digital Marketers

The software can help you to pick the right keywords to use in your marketing.


Word cloud can make sure you are focusing on the right characters, themes, and plot points.

SEO Marketers

The software will help you to better optimize your site by focusing on the keywords that matter!

Find the most occurring words from a large piece-of-text without the need to do the tedious work of doing it manually!

Here's how it works :

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Add the Input Text

Easily add your text to the app using 3 ways

  • Add your text using a text file 
  • Add your text via clipboard
  • Simply copy and paste "text"

 Click the Create Word Cloud Button

Add as much lengthy piece of text you want to instantly create the word cloud for. The software will automatically generate frequency of words as well.

  • Creates word frequency for each text
  • Shows the top 5 most occurring words
  • Highlights the most occuring words using colors & large font size.

Export The Most Occurring Words

Use the search bar to explore a broad topic. Within seconds you'll be browsing a list of all hidden interests.

  • Simply one-click export to your computer
  • Displays the words along with occurrences
  • Save in excel or text format

With a Unlimited license, Wordd Cloudz will pay for itself multiple times over.

But this won't last once we run out of the early bird launch special price.  So do not delay!

Wordd Cloudz (Lite)

  • Unlimited Wordd Cloudz Software
  • No recurring fees ever!
  • All features included - including the export 
  • Install in up to 1 computer
  • Best-in-class customer support

$27  $9



Yes, you get all future software updates

... and answers to other questions

Is this a web app?

No, this is a desktop based application that needs to be installed. You can see video walk through of how to install & run the software in the knowledge base.

Is my data safe?

Unlike web app we are not using any external database; all word cloud data gets saved in your own computer and that is the biggest advantage of a desktop app.

Will I get updates for free?

Yes if there are updates like adding more words to the word cloud library or if there are any layout or technical changes, those updates will be totally free and you will receive a message of the "new" update when you start software

Will you help with installation?

We have given a complete walk through of how to install & activate the license. You can easily watch those videos in the member's area and follow it. In the event you still face any issue you can reach out to our customer support any time.

How will i get access to purchase?

As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email of your wordpress login credentials using which you can login to the site and access the member area: where in you can access the software downloads, license keys and purchase receipts and you will also be able to access your course for which you will be enrolled automatically.


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